Our course/remote classroom is both a SAFE and BRAVE space respectful and supportive of each other’s experiences, culture, religion, abilities, appearance, language(s), nationalities, immigration journey, and identities. It is also a space you should feel comfortable surfacing your needs. *Classroom sessions are not to be recorded by anyone.

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*Classroom sessions are not to be recorded by anyone.


Professor Gisely Colón López
Email: gisely.colonlopez@brooklyn.cuny.edu 
Office Hours: Will be discussed with students.

Course Description

Latinxs Remaking the United States:

4 hours; 4 credits
Settlement patterns and history of Latinx (im)migrants, organizational life, economic and cultural integration. Comparative ethnic relations and struggles for community representation and persistence. The remaking of USA society. Writing-intensive course + online instruction.

This syllabus has been adapted to reflect and respond to remote/hybrid learning during pandemic restrictions.

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Our class uses Open Education Resources (OER) in replacement of textbooks and is therefore a Zero Cost course. This means there is no textbook students need to purchase. All materials are available freely to students online on: