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WK13: Latinidades: Women and Social Movements

Tues. 05/03

Topic: Mapping BC-CUNY History

Readings Due: during our course session.

Assignments Due: Mapping Project Post due by Sunday 05/08, midnight.

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Click the map, or link below it so you can zoom into the BC Campus.

Use this link to add to the map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=4369074

Use this link to access the documentary through the BC library (BC log in info required): https://cuny-bc.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01CUNY_BC/7l284q/alma9994376689506124

Thurs. 05/05

Topic: Latinidades: Women and Social Movements

Readings Due: None.

Assignments Due: Final Digital Research Project.

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